Successful participation at Air Cargo Americas 2017

21 Air has taken part in one of the air cargo market’s main events in the Pan-Caribbean region. As exhibitor, we have managed to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate our leadership in the region.

21 Air want to establish itself as a leading provider at the industry in the region. Our representatives and executive team took full advantage of the opportunities presented at this event, meeting with a number of prospective and current customers to further strengthen our relationship with them.

“Some of our strategic priorities for 2018 include continue working to deliver improved capabilities and solutions that benefit our air carrier customers and thus enable them to improve their competitive position and success”, said our president also stressed the importance of this events. “We come to meet with our customers and listen to their needs and challenges so we can exceed their expectations and serve them better every day.”

Our success at Air Cargo Americas 2017, serves to reaffirm the possibilities this event offered to both connect with customers and discover new business opportunities. After two days of intense work, there is plenty to do and lots of new projects to implement. Let’s get down to work, team!