Our ACMI leasing agreements are supported by highly specialized crews, the most meticulous scheduled maintenance, and professional industry management protocols that have proven to be cost-effective, and time efficient.

  • AIRCRAFT Our fleet stands out for its versatility and flexibility. Providing the customer with the right capacity aircraft; 55-40 tons makes us the right partner for any need.

  • CREW We employ the most experienced, certified, and knowledgeable pilots per aircraft type.  The right number of crew members determines the operation flow, this is why we hire and train the right number per type of operation.

  • Maintenance Scheduled preventive maintenance strictly followed and monitored by aeronautic engineers and certified FAA maintenance personnel.

  • Insurance Our fleet is fully insured and FAA compliant.


Operating under a customized flexible and competitive CMI solution to fit our customers’ requirements and needs its high priority to 21 AIR.

Flexible and competitive solution. We are committed to providing a full range of air cargo services.


Experienced international charter sales executives harness total aircraft capacity availability.

Executive Office

3650 NW 82 Ave, Suite 407
Doral, FL 33166
1 + (786) 254-6521

MIA OPS Center

1751 NW 68 Ave,
Building 706 Miami, FL 33122