Full Report of Facts related with False Media article about 21 Air

Due to the ongoing circulating media news containing false information about 21 Air, as a result of an internet replication of a malicious article generated by a Venezuelan news portal, 21 Air determined the need of disclosing a full report of truthful facts, for absolute clarification.

On February 5, 2019 Carlos Acosta, General Manager of Miami based TV station EVTV Miami – www.evtvmiami.com informed that some Venezuelan Government high officials, indicted by U.S. Government in 2016, to include Carabobo State Governor, Ministry of Justice and FAES Director, were fabricating a “show” alleging that a U.S. originated armament shipment supposedly consigned to Venezuelan opposition to be discovered at Valencia Airport. See link below.

As anticipated by EVTV – Miami, the following day, February 6, 2019, Efecto Cocuyo – www.efectococuyo.com, a fairly new Venezuelan online news portal, reported that a war armament was detected at Valencia Airport supposedly transported on a 21 Air flight Miami-Valencia chartered by GPS Air – www.gps-air.net on February 3, 2019, which was replicated in world media. The report displays multiple pictures of several non-U.S. manufactured gun types but does not show any picture of where such “alleged contraband” was hidden or detected in the actual freight transported on board a 21 Air flight. Contradictorily, any law enforcement unit that detects an international contraband consisting of war armament, would remain silent until capturing in fraganti the shipment consignee, upon claiming the freight at destination. Furthermore, there was never any official report issued by any Venezuelan Government agency in this matter. See link below.

The above conclusive elements in addition to the fact that the news article was originated by an unknown media portal in one of the most corrupted world countries (where the press is government controlled) categorically corroborates EVTV’s February 5 breaking news. Despite the certainty of the above, in accordance with U.S. Transportation Security Administration “TSA” recommendation as a preventive measure to protect our crews and aircraft, 21 Air did immediately suspend flying into Venezuelan territory. Simultaneously, the airline conducted its own exhaustive internal investigation, including a thorough review of such flight’s charterer’s freight screening and videos, to the extent permitted in the 21 Air’s TSA Security Program, which resulted in finding everything in order and full compliance. The questioned flight was chartered by GPS Air, a Miami based U.S. TSA Approved Indirect Air Carrier, who as the cargo agent chartering the flight, had the sole responsibility to conduct its own freight screening and security protocols prior to tendering the freight to 21 Air.

Considering that 21 Air had recently initiated U.S.-Venezuela charter cargo services in January 15, 2019, it is evident that the mafia gangsters behind this unscrupulous fabricated setup, clearly targeted 21 Air, to cause an immediate suspension of its U.S.-Venezuela charter cargo services, and not the charterer, who actually had commercial control of the aircraft freight capacity. All other additional media allegations including its involvement in operating flights for U.S. Central Intelligence Agency “CIA” among other negative comments about 21 Air members are false in its entirety. In the contrary, 21 Air enjoys an immaculate compliance status since its foundation in 2014 with all government regulatory agencies in the world.

If you require any further clarification in this matter about 21 Air’s compliance status as a U.S. Part 121 All Cargo Certificated Airline, please feel free to contact directly the U.S. Transportation Security Administration – www.tsa.gov, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration – www.faa.gov, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency – www.cia.gov or any other U.S. Government Agency you consider pertinent in this matter.


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