CASS Manager

CASS Manager
Full Time

The CASS Manager is responsible to the Director of Quality for the administration of the reliability program. The Manager must hold a valid MP certificate and have at least 3 years experience as a Mechanic on transport category aircraft. The CASS Manager should have training or experience in systems analysis, auditing, risk assessment and management, root cause analysis and human factors and have a working knowledge of the CASS process. Duties and responsibilities are: Responsible for the development, analysis and evaluation of information relating to aircraft, engines, and components in accordance with the 21 Air CASS Manual. Collect and prepare monthly reliability report aspart of the CASS program (required CASS Team member). Validates aircraft flight times and cycles entered into the maintenance tracking and forecasting computer program. Reviews and investigates pertinent data pertaining to aircraft, engines and component reliability. Provides technical evaluation and recommendations to resolve adverse trends and chronic maintenance problems. Review vendor and shop component findings, as necessary, to detect adverse reliability trends.

Performs reviews and inspections of log pages and completed maintenance work packages.
Periodically review the maintenance duty time roster to ensure compliance with FAR 121.377
Audits as necessary per 21 Air CASS Manual. When audits are performed on the Training or Quality Departments per the Internal Evaluation Program (IEP) Manual, the CASS Manager will report to the Director, Safety and Regulatory Compliance.

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